This offer will become available again when we move back to normal training schedule, changed because of coronavirus.

Intensive instructors’ training

Wu 武 style Tai Chi (Taijiquan), also known as Hao 郝 style.

People who would like start teaching this unique Taijiquan style, which focuses on deep nei gong internal practice are welcome to join our courses.

The most appropriate candidates are those who are already practicing other style of Tai Chi at a relatively high level, and also instructors of various martial arts who would like to additionally teach Wu 武 style Tai Chi. But also any other highly motivated person is welcome to learn this program.

The first stage of learning Wu 武 style includes:

  • set of basic excercises – jibeng gong,
  • 13 movement and 37 movement sets,
  • basic tui shou routines.

You can learn by taking 16 lessons every week at our school in Warsaw, Poland.

  • Mondays: 3×75 minutes classes – 17:20-21:25
  • Tuesdays: 5×75 minutes classes – 9:20-12:00 i 17:20-21:25
  • Wednesday: 3×75 minutes classes – 17:20-21:25
  • Thursday: 5×75 minutes classes – 9:20-12:00 i 17:20-21:25

The cost of such 4 day training block (16×75 minutes lessons) is: 480 PLN (about 120 Euro)

It depends on your background and learning abilities how many such blocks you would need to take to learn above mentioned basic program and to master the material to the level at which teaching it properly is possible.

All participants can take part without additional fee  in Yiquan (I Chuan) classes on Friday 17:20-20:20.

You could also arrange additional training:

  • workday private class – Monday-Thursday, 16:00-17:00, which costs 80 PLN/class (about 20 Euro) for one person or 120 PLN (about 30 Euro) to be divided between number of participants, if there are more of them.
  • weekend private class – 4 hours a day (2×2 hours), which costs 400 PLN/day (about 100 Euro) to be divided between number of participants, if there are more of them.

Those who will properly master the basic material will be authorized by Strefa Tai Chi school to teach basics of Wu 武 Tai Chi. They can also be verified and authorized directly by master Zhai Weichuan – the 5th generation successor – during our summer trainings in China.

After learning the basic level, there is possibility to continue at higher levels, which include::

  • wu bu ba fa – five step, eight method form.
  • long Wu 武 style 108 form,
  • form with explosive fa jin,
  • form with sword,
  • form with sabre,
  • form with long pole,
  • form with stick,
  • weapons excersises with partner,
  • advanced tui shou,
  • practical applications.

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